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Our Services

1. Machining

- Machining manufacturing of Tubular Equipment, including repair and refurbish

- Manufacture of crossover and x-over etc.



        - Services, including manufacturing and repair offshore basket, tool box and structure work  welding control by WPS/PQS/WPQ AWS D1.1: 2010

- Manufacturing and repair pipe work, process piping welding control by WPS/PQS/WPQ ASME B31.3/ASME IX:2010

- Process Hardfacing certified by DURUM

3. Services other

        - Supply row and semi-finished material High tensile steel AISI 4140 , 4130, 4340, 4145 etc.

        - Engineering including design drawing and support drawing

        - Proof load test certified by recognized Third Party Body.

        - Non-Destructive (NDT) certified by recognized Third Party

       -  Supply the offshore basket and container for rent.

We can supply a certificate attached to the product requirements of customers.</</</